Georgie Hall is the pen name alter ego of the rebellious author and woman of a certain age, Fiona Walker.

My writing career started in the early ‘nineties when, struggling to find a funny, relatable novel about a twenty-something woman like me, I wrote one. It went on to be a bestseller. Bookshelves soon bulged with zeitgeisty commercial fiction brand names that a reading generation grew up alongside.

Fast forward thirty years and now that we’re all middle-aged – the mother hens of original Chick Lit – I for one have felt increasingly hot, bothered and invisible. If thirteen million women in Britain are going through menopause at any one time, why aren’t we in any novels? Where are the menopausal heroines?

That’s why I invented Eliza. Mum of three, daughter to demanding elderly parents, marriage and career in parallel ruts, she finds herself assaulted by hot flushes, insomnia, brain fog and an overwhelming urge to tell the world where to get off (after she’s been for a wee).

In Woman of a Certain Rage, Eliza sets out to discover whether the second half of life can be a glass half full after all. Her hormones might be on the run, but she’s not about to vanish into the grey of old age. She still craves freedom and adventure. This is her renaissance.